Our First Munro!

We decided just to go for it today and bag our first Munro, Ben Lomond. We probably weren’t ready for it, but we thought what the hell 😀

Erin not in this photo as she was racing ahead.

All of us struggled with this, except Erin, who was up it like a whippet. Chevonne and Keira wanted to turn back at the half way point, Chevonne’s legs had given up and Keira was, in her words, “bored” :P. Malachy and myself had no real issues on the way up, but had severe foot pain on the way down, blaming the new boots!

Eating Lunch at the Summit

Conditions were pretty much perfect. Ground level was overcast and we were climbing through the cloud until we reached about 2/3 of the way up. Above the cloud was like summer and we enjoyed some stunning views at the top while eating lunch. We all got a bit sunburnt!

Enjoying the View!

We ran out of water about half way back down and the end couldn’t come quick enough. A welcome refreshment at the Rowardennan Hotel before heading home for a well earned Chinese and an early bed 😀

Not done until you touch the Trig Point!

We were all sore on Monday morning. Girls went to school, but with a note excusing them from PE. Malachy has had to take the day off as he is a bit broken and sunburnt, the joys of being a Ginge! In Chevonne’s words “Never again!”. We shall see…..

Height: 3,196 Feet